Blah Humbug

I'm tired. I accidentally deleted my latest blog draft. I finally put the Halloween decorations away. I haven't bought one Christmas gift yet. I was late picking up my kid from school. I fell asleep on the couch every night this week. I forgot to put the trash out. I'm really tired...Blah Blah Blah... I… Continue reading Blah Humbug


All is right in my world

A few days ago, my colleague shared that his kids came home from college for Thanksgiving weekend and he was thankful that everyone is under one roof again. He said "All is right in the world." I love that statement, because when you miss your family, that is exactly how it feels to have everyone… Continue reading All is right in my world

Inspirational · Kindness · World Kindness day

Just be kind, okay?

#Worldkindness Day Did you hear? It's World Kindness Day.¬† As a fan of kindness, I guess it's good that there is an International Observance of it. Anything to bring awareness that we should be kind to each other is great, right? Now,¬†this may sound weird to you, but it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel… Continue reading Just be kind, okay?