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Embrace Today!

Today is the day! 11:11 is known as a day where inspiration meets manifestation, it’s perfect timing to start something new…

Time to celebrate each day, what are you doing today? What does it mean to you?

This is your life. This is your legacy.

When we hear the word legacy, it evokes thoughts of this large, significant , project that we are chasing to give our lives purpose. This usually starts with “One day I will…”.

We are always searching for it, but in truth it’s you and the things you feel, express and  experience everyday. We have today, we have this moment.


Today I launched a blog, I’ve always wanted to, so I did it. It’s a way for me to spread positive messages, inspiration and insight. It helps to fulfill my life’s mission. Even if that mission only lasts for today, it’s part of my legacy.

Join me as we explore together what we inherit from the people in our lives and what we’d like to leave behind.

I’d love to hear about what you did today & what makes it meaningful to you. Please leave a comment below.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

Here’s to humble beginnings…

yellow notebook with brainstorm sheet
Launching the blog class.

6 thoughts on “Embrace Today!

  1. Girl! So happy to see this. Your photos and posts are always some of my very favorites- inspirational indeed! Can’t wait to follow this as well. Happy writing! XO

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