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Capture your joy!

As annoying as I find the black & white photo challenge currently on Facebook , I can also appreciate it because it prompts people to share photos, things from everyday life. Real life.

There’s all this discussion lately about real life vs. “Facebook life”; what’s shared, the highlight reel or even orchestrating moments to appear cooler than they truly are. Why are we afraid of real life? After all, aren’t the people we share with our friends?

We laughed so hard, we cried….

Some of my favorite moments and memories are the ones with friends & family, where we laughed so hard, we cried. Are you having enough of those in your life? When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Who were you with? For me, more often than not, it’s with my family.  I think of many times where we gathered around the dinner table, exchanging stories, laughing and crying. What were we laughing about? I don’t really remember. What I remember is the feeling of joy with the people I love.

Less Selfies, More Laughies

When my grandma passed away, we gathered photos from her life to share at the funeral. I remember a friend was looking at them and said, “Your grandparents are so photogenic.” and I said “Well, they are happy people.”  It goes along with one of my favorite quotes..

“When there is joy in your heart, it will be known by the look on your face. “

If laughing so hard we cried is one of my favorite moments, then you can guess that my favorite photos are the kind where you see someone laughing. Their head is usually tilted back, mouth open, eyes closed a little. Those are my favorites, the Laughies.


the joyous moments in life
The Laughies

Not just for special occasions

Some of these are taken at special occasions, while the others are from hanging out. A party, a lunch, at the park, a holiday gathering. This is life. These photos capture the joy of life. These are the types of moments we need to focus on.  These moments are the ones where we connect, engage, and enjoy. These moments happen when we are truly tuned in and interested in the people in our lives. Photos of these non choreographed moments are sometimes hard to come by because we are so in the moment, we forget to take a photo. If a photo isn’t possible, at least be present enough to capture the moment in your mind. Pay attention to the people you love.

Happy People

Surround yourself with people who bring you joy. The ones who bring you to the laugh so hard we cried moments, the people who whether they are in your life for a day or 50 years, you reflect back with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

As your gather together with your friends and family this holiday season, I encourage you to capture the joy in your life, laugh till you cry and take a Laughie. Feel free to share your moments here.

Thank you to the people in my life who bring me joy!

XOXO- Audrey

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