Blah Humbug

I’m tired. I accidentally deleted my latest blog draft. I finally put the Halloween decorations away. I haven’t bought one Christmas gift yet. I was late picking up my kid from school. I fell asleep on the couch every night this week. I forgot to put the trash out. I’m really tired…Blah Blah Blah…

I say blah, blah, blah because I realize that all of the things I mention here aren’t so devastating and I’ll recover. Sometimes when you are feeling blah, it feels good to recognize it in order to move on…

Blah Humbug!

Blah Humbug is different from Bah Humbug. Bah Humbug is feeling grouchy about the holidays, while Blah Humbug is feeling grouchy about the lull between the holidays. Think about it, Thanksgiving was great! There was free time, moments with the family, fun adventures… and then, back to reality. But reality is now waiting for the next holiday that is right around the corner, it’s such a tease. We are in a holding pattern for about a week and then we are back to the festivities. My brain gets confused, how can I operate in holiday mode and real life mode at the same time? It’s the end of the year, I’m done thinking, I just want to relax or get together with friends to drink and play games. Not work. Not do chores. Not think about goals or responsibilities or deadlines.

To celebrate or hibernate?

Do you fight for your right to party? Or hole up in your house, cuddle by the fire reading a book and ignore the outside world? The holidays can be overwhelming, too many parties, gifts to buy, wrap and give, decorations to hang, cookies to bake, traditions to uphold etc.

It’s a tricky balancing act so just remember, it’s your holiday and you can cry if you want to…I mean, it’s your holiday, do what makes you happy! (and if that happens to include having a good cry, go ahead.)

Sad happens

When I announced my diagnosis of this blah humbug funk, some people were alarmed. They said something along the lines of “if you’re not feeling upbeat, what chance to do the rest of us have”?  Sometimes it can be hard for me to admit that I’m sad. It is a little unusual, but I’m human, it happens. I promise you the earth won’t fall off it’s axis. (that I know of)

Turn the beat around

Not one to dwell on sad feelings for too long, I do what a lot of the “experts” recommend… take a walk outside, turn up the music and sing really loud, talk to some good friends, have a really good cry, laugh with my daughter , get some good sleep.

All will be right in my world tomorrow, after all, it’s “The most wonderful time of the year”… You got that right, birthday month begins and I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment with any of your blah humbug moments or something you are looking forward to this December.

Much love,





3 thoughts on “Blah Humbug

  1. my day usually include a good, and ugly cry. Desperate for sleep. Your words are perfect and timely and your blog photo is gorgeous.


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