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Celebrate! Celebrate!


In honor of birthday week…

If you know me, you know that I love to celebrate birthdays. Not just my own, but other people’s as well.

Why? It’s a celebration of life! The most glorious gift we have.

The magic of birthdays

I love the saying “live everyday like it’s your birthday”. Think about it. What happens when you wake up on your birthday? You are excited! You are anticipating great things, celebrations, compliments, cards, treats, sweets, presents, smiles, calls, emails, text messages all saying good things about you. You walk a little taller, you feel so carefree. You think about the things you love and truly desire. You laugh, maybe cry.  You treat yourself; a new wardrobe, hairstyle, spa day, trip with friends, dinner out, taking a fun class, making art, decorating your house. It’s your New Year right!? Live it up!

Could we live like that everyday? Although, it may seem a tad extravagant, there are things we can do to infuse that same energy and feeling into each day. Wake up with the same amount of excitement, with the anticipation that great, fun, exciting things are going to happen. Do something nice for yourself. Give and get compliments and encouragement from the people you spend time with. Enjoy a meal of nourishment.  Your birthday is special and so is each day of your life.

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.” -Osho-

5 ways to incorporate the spirit of your birthday into each day.

1. Looking forward to it!

Sometimes the anticipation of the celebration can be just as energizing as the day itself. Think of the birthday countdown…”only 2 more days till my birthday!”. This almost always gets you in a good mood, right? Plan your week accordingly. You can find something everyday to anticipate. Coffee with a friend, reading a chapter of a new book by your favorite author,  a new episode of your favorite show, an evening of nothing planned… you get the idea. Schedule it on your calendar and put it on the “to-do” list. Take a look at your week ahead and each day think “What am I celebrating today?” It’s a similar exercise to a gratitude journal.

2. A nourishing meal

It is tradition in our family that on your birthday, you get to “order up” your favorite meal. Mom’s spahgetti? Sure! Butter Pecan ice cream, you got it!  Birthdays are days of special treats and indulgences. Although that may seem unrealistic everyday ( and adds a little extra to the waistline), what are the components to these meals? You are eating something you enjoy. You are with people you love. If nothing else, you are sitting down and taking time to have a meal.

3. An encouraging word

One of the most powerful things we can give to each other is encouragement & support. In my opinion, if it’s genuine, you can never do it enough. We have so many ways to connect with each other, how are we using it? When was the last time you mailed your friend a birthday card? Email your colleagues to say “great job on that project”? Text a friend when you saw something funny and they crossed your mind? Called your parents? Do it more often.

4. Use the “Special” things

Fine china. Crystal goblets. Luxury make up. Fancy clothes. Don’t save those for special occasions, use them, all of them! On your birthday you get presents, right? Well, using the special things you have is kinda like the same thing. It feels really good using the things you love. It also gives you a chance to re-evaluate what you have and what you actually use. If you don’t love it enough to “give it to yourself” on your birthday, maybe you need to consider living without it. Less clutter makes it easier to enjoy all of the special things you have.

5. Strike up the band!

Music makes life feel like a celebration, so turn on your favorite song and get dancing. Any excuse for a dance party is a good one. You feel so alive dancing and singing to your favorite songs. Go ahead and create a playlist. Do you have a theme song? What music makes you happy? Listen to it, feel it down to your bones.

Get out your calendar!

Just like finding the glad in every situation, you can find something to celebrate each day.

Days of the week: Manicure Monday, Taco Tuesday, Walking Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…you get the idea. What are you passionate or curious about? celebrate it!

Birthdays: Friends and family; coworkers, neighbors: find out their birthdays and put it on your calendar. Send a card, call, make plans and go out.

National celebrations: Each day has several celebrations attached to it. For example; December 15th is National wear your pearls day, National Ugly Christmas Sweater day, National Free shipping day, National cupcake day, National Cat Herders day? Hmmm…see you can celebrate anything.

Pick a theme: Make a theme each month, gather some friends and get going on activities related to the theme.

Celebrate YOU!

Most importantly celebrate you , every day! What are you proud of? What made your day? What is something you accomplished? It’s so important to recognize the beauty you bring to the world.

Keep bringing it, everyday.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes! It’s been a fabulous week and I’m excited for my New Year. Cheers to all of you celebrating birthdays this week, there’s a lot of us and in my experience we tend to find each other.

Much love,


Please leave a comment to share a birthday tradition you have…

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