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Love a little…

Love a little more every day…

Love yourself, your partner, your children, your parents, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your pets,your community.

Everyday. All day. No matter what.

Love hurts…

Valentine’s Day is significant to me and my family. In 1989, we were in a car accident and my sister died. Our lives changed. My heart broke that day. It shattered into a million pieces.

One of the things I remember most in the days that followed was when my 3rd grade teacher came over to our house. He delivered hand drawn cards from my classmates & friends. I kept those for a long time. I used to pull them out of my drawer and look at them, they were always a great comfort to me.

Love heals…

Grief is strange. When you are faced with picking up the pieces of your heart it’s a heavy load, especially at first. Then you start to realize there are a lot of people willing to help you lighten that load.

Its been awhile, but these pieces of my heart have been picked up so many of you. You may not have even realized it. Your friendship, laughter, tears, letters, notes, hugs, adventures, advice, fun, stories, joy, kindess, encouragement, gifts, songs, listening and love, lots of love is something I’m so grateful for, always.

Love matters

Love is important. It’s the best thing we can give each other. It’s essential. It’s life saving.

Carry it with you

When you walk into a room, a conversation, a relationship, visualize that you are carrying a big heart. I usually envision it like this heart emoji 💓. It also helps that I’ve been wearing a bright pink coat all winter, definitely a good reminder for me.

How to do carry your love around with you? How do you share it with others? Is there something you wear or physically have with you as a reminder to love a little (more)?

Love is available everday, we know this but it is fun to shower your favorite people with love on a day like today…

So get out your flowers, chocolates, love notes, champagne and celebrate!

With love always,



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