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Oh the Madness!

The Sassy Catz, The Groovy Garbanzo beans and The Devil Dogs… wait you haven’t heard of those teams yet?

Oh, those are the team names of our household brackets for the March Madness tournament this year.

We are not immune to the madness, and it’s a great way for us to all participate and enjoy watching the games together.

What’s your winning strategy?

This year is the first year our daughter went out on her own. Her team bracket “The Sassy Catz” were on the prowl. She picked Marshall as the winning team, on the fact that the name sounds like Marshmallow, and her runner up pick, Auburn because it shares a name with the town we live in… A sound strategy if I ever heard one.

It may sound silly, but her reasoning made her feel confident and excited about her picks, which is important. She went with her “gut”. Now, none of her teams are currently in the tournament, but she was happy to participate and see how far they made it, even through a few upsets.

We don’t share our picks with each other until everyone has filled out their bracket. Sometimes we end up with similar outcomes, but a lot of times they are totally different. This way you can’t be influenced by each other and it’s a true personal choice.

When it comes to making choices, it’s important to trust yourself, not only for picking your winning team, but for several things; jobs, relationships, wardrobe etc. Sometimes it’s good to get advice from other people, but you also have to be able to trust your instincts and use your best judgement.

All in!

I heard an interview with a player from the tournament and he said;

All of these games come down to the last minute, but you gotta be in it for all 40 min to make it there…

You can’t just show up at the last minute and expect to win, you won’t make it there. True. Although, it can also be said that in this type of tournament, it’s still anyone’s game but the point is to finish strong no matter what.

Underdogs, Upsets and Unexpected moments

Part of the allure of March madness are the underdogs, upsets and unexpected moments. People are watching because even though the teams are ranked, it doesn’t really mean a whole lot depending on the circumstances they are in now. A highly ranked team in one region could be the best or worst depending on who they played against.

All that matters is what is happening right now. Sure the season got you there, but the outcome of the game and the tournament depends on what happens in your game today.

It’s almost as if the playing field is reset. The upsets are what make it exciting because some teams excel under the pressure and some teams crumble. Some teams are just getting into the groove and some have lost their momentum.

No matter what the circumstances, its best not to compare yourself to others and just play the best game of your life, no matter what.

Who’s on your team?

The newest star of this year’s tournament is Sister Jean, the Chaplain for Loyola Chicago. She is their biggest fan, saying prayers for them and cheering them on. She’s an important extension of the team, almost like a fairy godmother coach, if you will.

Everyone needs someone like that on their team.

They say that you are a reflection of the top 5 people you hang out with. I believe it. Think of your friends, do they bring out the best in you? Are they encouraging? Kind? Fun? Ambitious? Optimistic?

When my daughter comes home from school, I usually ask her ” Who did you eat lunch with today? Who did you play with at recess? What do you like about them? Are they a good friend? ” (not always all at once) but I want her to be aware of the qualities of the people she surrounds herself with and start to recognize the importance of that. I’m curious to hear her responses and what she thinks about her friends and herself.

The other week, I was talking on the phone with one of my best friends, and I told her that I always feel motivated and encouraged after we talk. I can hear her voice in my head cheering me on from miles away. She said it’s not the same for me, when I think of you, especially when my life seems crazy, I think of you saying everything will be alright and it makes me feel calm. That conversation makes me smile, to be able to identify that and express that to each other was a cool moment. Sometimes you don’t realize the effect you have on others, but hopefully it’s a good one. That’s the power of your team and friends.


Your teams lost, your bracket is “busted” and you lose. Don’t worry, this happens to me basically every year we play, I have yet to win our home bracket battle. The good news is my opponent usually doesn’t even make me pay out on our winnings ( we bet for things like a car wash or manicure etc). This year, I may have a chance, maybe… but I always learn something new and have fun.


What is your bracket team name this year?

Bracket update:

I won!!! For the first time in a decade of our household bracket tournament I won!!! Woo hoo! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Much love,


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