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The beauty of the rough draft

Remember when you were in elementary school writing on the gray tinted paper, double lined with the fat red lead pencil.

You wrote at the top of your paper “Rough Draft”. There was a lot of power in writing these 2 words. It gave you permission to explore ideas and write them down without censure and a freedom that if they were criticized you could say, “well it’s the rough draft, so it doesn’t matter…” It didn’t have to be perfect. No one expected it of you, they were just encouraging to put your ideas down on paper. Encouraging you that these ideas have merit and you can then get help to flesh them out further. They matter.

Your teacher or classmate would sit down with you and review, edit and talk through your ideas to help make them better. It was easy because, again it was just a rough draft, so it was okay if the ideas were stupid, silly or nonsense.

Don’t die in the draft box

In starting to write this blog, several people have offered advice, a lot talking about how to generate ideas , that hasn’t been an issue actually. I seem to find inspiration from so many different subjects. However, I usually have at least 6 drafts with subjects waiting to be finished in the draft box, but that’s the thing. A lot of the ideas and subjects are of a timely manner, a piece about a snow day for example will only be relevant in that moment… Otherwise, it loses it’s impact, especially since so many of my posts go along with what is happening. but it’s been sitting in my drafts box for months, never finished…

A friend of mine who also writes a blog, challenged me to not have any ideas “die” in that spot. No matter what. “It doesn’t have to be perfect , you just need to finish it.” Good advice.

Timing over rules perfection

So many times people need to hear your ideas, thoughts and opinions. Sometimes the timing is never “right”. You can’t wait for the right moment, the right words, sometimes just saying something at all is enough.

If you wait for perfect timing or the perfect thing to say, it often comes too late or not at all, leaving you feeling a bit of regret. If only I’d said…, I wish I said… Sometimes you reach out to a friend and say something they didn’t even know they needed to hear.

That’s happened to me several times in sharing ideas here, many of you sharing comments or telling me in person, you felt that same way. That’s what helps to motivate me as well to continue.

Here’s to many more ideas

It’s fun to share ideas and I am encouraged by your comments and reactions.

Thank you again for your support! Looking forward to sharing more here.



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