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Let your light shine~

The other day my daughter looked at the scar on my face and said “Momma, I can see your light peeking out here”…

Feeling the light!

I believe that people are the light. The ones of us who are here to bring the positivity into the world. Not the Angels on earth or anything like that, but the lightbearers. The ones who carry the torch of hope. The inspiration & encouragement, the love, the peace.

My Superpower

The ones who see it as their responsibility. Last year at my workplace, I was nominated as one of the “Most positive people”. I remember, on my drive home that day, crying. I was so humbled, it’s not something I do for recognition or for people to look at me and say “you’re so nice” or for me to boast about it. It is part of my life mission. It’s who I am and then people take notice and you realize, it is making a difference, sometimes that takes you by surprise and you end up overwhelmed with gratitude.

When my daughter pointed out to me that she could “see my light” shining through, it made me feel like a super hero, you know one that is an “average jane” hiding my true identity and super powers and then she got a glimpse.

Glimpse of gold

My scar is from a tragic car accident with my family when I was nine. It was Valentine’s Day. My sister died and I got this scar. Earlier that day, I got her in trouble because I wrote some not nice things on a few cards to classmates and said she was the one that influenced me. Not true. But she was upset about it, of course and later that evening we got in the car accident and that was it. She was gone. I felt guilty about that for a long time…it took awhile for me not to blame myself, it was a humbling lesson of forgiveness. Not only for hers, but for mine as well.

The moments of vulnerability. The moments when people notice your “scars” with the “light” coming out of it. When you are your true self and you let someone see it, that feeling, that’s what bringing the light feels like. It doesn’t have to be in heroic situations or acts of grandeur. it happens in the little acts everyday, a great attitude and through love.

You feel it by lifting others up and lifting yourself up too.

Last year at this time, I was laying in a hospital bed. I had a bad lupus flare and was figuring out what the next steps in a new treatment plan were. It was a little scary, not fun and annoying too. After I was released, I camped out on the couch for a few days at my brother & sister in law’s house. It was a wonderful haven for recovery. When I went back to our house a few days later and I sat down on the steps and started crying. It was tears of relief and hope. It was a release of fear. It was a moment to say to myself, wow! you did it. you survived that experience. I released a lot of baggage in that moment, baggage I didn’t even realize I was carrying around with me. Baggage that I’ve carried around for a lot longer than I was willing to admit.

With the thought of light shining out of my scar, I’m reminded of the saying about the Japanese repairing broken objects with gold, as the flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history. That ties it all together for me.

Legacy of the Lightbearer

Thinking of my family, I’ve realized we come from a long line of the light bearers, including my daughter, her name actually means “Light” and she is my daily reminder to bring it! All of it.

Are you one of the lightbearers? Have you been charged with a mission to be that beacon for yourself and others? It’s not always easy, but very rewarding.

Thank you for sharing your light!


P.S. what is your superpower? The light you let others get a glimpse of…

9 thoughts on “Let your light shine~

  1. So perfectly beautiful and true. I don’t have superpowers but I do try to shine for Jesus as He pours gold into my broken cracks making my broken places lovely. I’m so sorry about the lupus….my grandmother suffered from that also. I will pray for you!🙏💪❤

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  2. What a powerful message to read this morning. You have always been a delight to be around but I am so appreciative that you share your light with everyone. ♥️ Thanks for the good read this morning my friend.

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