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Today was rainy and cooler, definitely feeling the Fall weather rolling in…

A good day to stay inside and play. Do you ever have those weekend days where you get to do those things at home you love to do?

The things that you get lost in, like kids do.

Watching my daughter play with her toy dolls and Legos, lost in her own little world, I realized I wanted to do the same.

Here’s what my playtime looked like

You see my Tarot cards, a few journals and sketch book, books, colorful pens, and far in the back my workout challenge and weights.

I got lost in listening to inspirational videos and looking at pictures & words of encouragement. Stretching my mind and body too.

I wasn’t worried about anything. I wasn’t thinking about a to-do list or what my schedule is tomorrow.

It felt really good to spend time playing around. Enjoying the things that excite me and getting cozy in my home.

It’s a different feeling than zoning out watching tv, or surfing social media. It’s more like zoning in. Zoning in on yourself and your thoughts, ideas and creations.

It didn’t feel like wasting time either. What a tragic phrase, wasting time. That’s something to take seriously. Who wants to waste time?

It felt freeing and fun. Getting lost in time more like it. Enjoying the time spent in your own little world is good for your soul.

Playtime is good for your soul.

What’s one way you will be adding playtime into your life this week? I’d love to hear about it.

Have an awesome week!




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