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Pep Rally!

Today, I went to the Detroit Marathon, as a volunteer, not a runner. I had the perfect volunteer opportunity, the Cheer team!!

We set out early this morning with pom poms in hand and painted signs, to cheer on the group of runners associated with our organization, but really we were cheering on everyone.

It was a little chilly, so we had to keep our bodies moving. Luckily, we had a D.J. near us, blasting music, so it really was the perfect setting.

We were at the 13 mile mark, which is about half way for the full marathon and although I’m not a runner, I would think it’s probably the perfect place where you need a little extra encouragement.

We were dancing and cheering, Shouting out “go, go go!” and “you got this!”, “You are awesome”, “You are doing it!” and of course “Keep running!”

It was awesome to see the runners come through and give a high five, or nod of their head in acknowledgement

As much as I love the opportunity to cheer someone on, I realized today that I like it because when you give someone else a pep talk, it sinks in your brain too.

One of my favorite quotes keep coming up lately,

“Lift yourself up, by lifting up others”

It’s simple.

Ask yourself, “How can I utilize my talents and skills to help others?” In a world where it is so easy to get caught up in your online presence, more followers, more likes… you spend your time scrolling through life, why don’t we go out and live it.

I’m not talking about getting rid of it all together. But what if we just took an hour, to reach out and help someone else.

It doesn’t necessarily mean volunteering in the traditonal ways of soup kitchen or food bank ( although that’s great). Maybe it’s helping a friend with their resume, or visiting some elderly in your neighborhood. Sending a friend a letter. Singing a song at church. Making a meal, helping a friend decorate, clean, driving them to an errand.

Cheer on people running a marathon.

We can start today.


Maybe you already do a lot for others, but there is a difference between doing something for others out of obligation and truly giving of yourself. Think of the ways you give or when you are asked to give of yourself, whether it’s time, money or skills etc. When you make the choice to give, check in with the reason you are doing it. Is it because you feel guilty or it’s the “right thing to do”, or is it because you truly want to and you get joy from the act of giving.

When you start to give more from a place of joy than obligation, it does wonderful things for you and the person you are giving to. Focus on ways you can give that makes you feel energized, not drained.

Seek out opportunities that will bring you joy! Turn those “I have to do this” moments into “I get to do this” moments.

Words of encouragement

We can ALL use this! It feels so good to give out a word of encouragement, whether it’s in a text, call, email, written note, on a post-it or just in a passing moment. Give these out! It’s a great way of giving.

Your Cheer team

Everyone needs one. Who is rooting for you? Think of the people you surround yourself with, are they cheering you on?

When you are in a moment of doubt or stuggling, is there someone you can turn to who can say “You got this!”

Seek out those people.

Notable November

We are rounding out the year, looking forward to November already! This month is known as a month to give thanks. Many people take the month to say one thing they are thankful for each day. I’m doing a slight twist on this…

I’m charging myself to write down one thing I noticed each day ( note to self) and to send a note of encouragement to someone ( note to someone else).

The thing I notice each day will help me to be present. The note of encouragment is a present to someone else.

I’ll be updating the blog all month of November to check in. Let’s see how many notes of encouragement we can send out to the world. By note, this can be a mailed note, a card, a note on a post it, a text, an email, any sort of note.

Let me know if you want to join me! Just use the hashtag #notablenovember to share.

How will you make November notable? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

Thanks for all of the encouragement you give me!

xoxo, Audrey

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