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Best day ever!

A month ago when my niece was coming off the bus, my sister-in-law asked how her day was and she said, “It was the best day ever, I always have the best day ever.”

I love that attitude. It’s the great mindset to start your day off thinking it’s going to be the best day ever. Sometimes all we get is just this one day, so why not make it the best day ever.

Even if you wake up exhausted or tired or dreading a certain event you are anticipating happening that day, you can always turn it around. You can do some mental workouts. Like meditation or affirmations or simply saying to yourself this is going to be the best day ever.

We truly attract what we put out there. If we start our day saying to ourselves, this is going to be an awful day; why then are we surprised sometimes when it turns out to be an awful day?

Oh, the pressure

You might be thinking, “That puts too much pressure on me”. How do I guarantee it’s going to be the best day ever? The best day ever is whatever you need the best day to be. Maybe today for you, the best day means, when you get out of bed your body doesn’t ache. Your best day could be having a lunch with a friend, having the day off, reading a good book, a day of doing nothing…

The best day ever is whatever you need the best day to be.


Last month I started a gratitude journal, writing down ten things each day that I am grateful for. It really helps to keep an eye out during the day for all of the little things that add up to a big amount of gratutide in your life. A lot of my gratitude comes from support. Support from friends, family and coworkers. The people. The people who make up my life and the relationships I work on keeping up. One of the most simple things that I wrote down is “Water in my cup.” It’s one of the items that made me realize, well, as long as I can recognize the fact that there’s water in my cup, I’m good.

I would reccomend this exercise to everyone. It doesn’t necessarily need to be 10 items, but 10 really forces you to be specific. It’s also been a great way to reflect on the day, week and how you are spending your time.

Notable November

In my last post , I talked about a challenge for November that included sharing a note of encouragement each day. Whether it’s an actual note, or a post-it, text, call, email, any type of note.

Here are a few from this week already:

“Thanks for your support today, I really needed that!”

“I knew you could do it!”

“You are awesome”

Be the Buoy

One of my personal philosphies relates to the quote you’ve seen me reference before. The message that if you want to lift yourself up, start by lifting up someone else. It truly helps to turn your focus on someone else in helpful and meaningful ways. It is important to realize the role you play. There are a lot of stressors out there. Earlier this week, my team and I were all dealing with some challenges. I was feeling really bummed out and everyone could tell. A few people even said something like, “I don’t want to drag you down with me” and my response was “I know, I’m the buoy!”. It’s true. I’m the one that anchors our team with my postivity serving as a marker when it’s hard to see the light.

It’s important to recognize that we all serve in that role to someone.

I hope you are sending out all sorts of wonderful messages daily this month and having a lot of “best day evers!”

Let me know about an uplifting message you sent or recieved so far this month! I ‘d love to hear about it. Feel free to share in the comments.




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