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Seize the day! or at least your birthday…

39 is mine!

My last post was about my blog’s birthday, this one is about mine. Yep, it’s my birthday today!

My new mantra is 39 is mine! Take the day and the year by the hand and lead it forward…

39 is mine is a great mantra because it speaks to the fact that it’s mine, not the 39th birthday of those who I follow on Instagram, not my mother’s 39th year, or the year judged by other milestones, you know the “by 39 you should be here, or have this…”. Its today and it’s totally up to me. What do I want this year to be?

It’s an exciting approach to life. I have the support of friends and family and I’m feeling good, really good. I feel very blessed for the things I’ve learned this year and as always looking forward to the New Year.

Birthdays? I love birthdays…

When people ask me what my favorite holiday is, I usually answer, New Year’s and birthdays. Of course, I love my birthday, but I love celebrating other people’s birthdays too. It’s true! Who doesn’t want to celebrate the beauty of life and the optimisim that another trip around the sun could bring.

It’s a beautful thing to acknowledge not only how wonderful your life is, but to recognize the importance that your life has to other people. We need each other and it’s a beautiful thing when we can celebrate that together.

No day but today

I took the day off. I’m chilling watching my new favorite show. My daughter let me open her advent calendar and the chocolate that was inside today’s door was a cupcake. My husband came home with flowers and a funny card. Many friends and coworkers have sent me messages with Happy birthday! I’m heading out to do some pampering, practicing music for a holiday show tomorrow and celebrating with a family dinner later.

Life is good.

I’m so grateful for another year to experience this wonderful life and all that it has to offer!

What is your favorite holiday? How do you like to celebrate it? I’d love to hear about it!

thanks for the birthday wishes!




2 thoughts on “Seize the day! or at least your birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday, and many blessings. What a wonderful day to celebrate YOU. I had a 63rd birthday back in October. I enjoy celebrating my existence, and the blessings good health, love of friends and family, being able to give back from what I’ve learned along the way, and eating cake on the day, affords me as well.

    My favorite rite of passage, otherwise known as a holiday to celebrate is New Year’s. I’ve done a lot of fun things on the eve as well as simply watching the ball drop on the television. It’s special because for the most part the year that’s leaving has had some great moments, some challenging moments, and a reason to reflect on the joy of living 365 days in a row living my truth, doing what I love, while also getting to do all of this, being me!

    Of course, I’m chuffed about the year that’s coming, and I get to raise a glass (usually spiked egg nog) to all that’s to come, even though I’m happy to not know everything, just a few goals and such that I’m certain I’ll do my highest and best to achieve. Mainly, I’m thankful for the opportunity to have something more to look forward to, whatever that may be!

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