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The between time

Hi All-

Guess what? It’s March! and yes, this is my first blog post of 2019. Wow! Where have I been? This year is already flying by…

The Plan

In January, I made a plan to blog more this year than last year (1 time a week vs. 2-3 times a month). Maybe you could call it a “resolution”, but I try not to subscribe to those.

I set up reminders on my calendar, wrote down a few ideas and thought I would have at least a dozen clever posts by now…

Clearly, that hasnt happened. There goes that plan…

I failed.

Don’t feel so bad…

Usually I would feel really bad about it. Like I let myself down, or more honestly, let other people down. (all of you)

Well, not this time…

I love a good brainstorming session, thinking about all of my plans, writing them down in my many notebooks and attaching deadlines to it. It’s especially motivating in the beginning of a new year or month or week or day. What do I want to accomplish? Do you do that too?

Sometimes I find I’m writing down a lot , accomplishing a few. I even tailored my to-do list to only have 3 things on it, ( well usually 3 work things, 3 personal things) so 6 things. It’s help me narrow down to the most essential things I need to get done in a day. That way I have a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

It’s help to give me more of a sense of accomplishment, like, if I get these 3 things done, I’m doing good. But there’s always so much I want to get done or accomplish. I used to feel really bad about it.

So I made a decision.

A change in mindset really.

No matter what I do or don’t do, I won’t make myself feel bad about it.

No matter what I do or don’t do, I won’t make myself feel bad about it.

This mindset doesn’t necessarily make me feel more productive or less productive, but it makes me appreciate everything I am spending my time doing, it makes me less judgemental of myself.

Didn’t work out? It’s okay. Went to the movies today, great! Read 89 books instead of 100, You’re doing great.

I came to this conclusion at the end of last year. I was reflecting about things I had accomplished ( or didn’t) and although it was helpful, it also made me feel like I didn’t do anything. Then I started questioning “What am I doing with my time?”

It made me realize I didn’t want to measure my life by what was written down on my to-lists or calendar.

It’s like when people say “Photos, or it didn’t happen.” Is our life not happening because we didn’t check it off a list?

In Between time

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the blanket of plans and goals, that we may miss the little things that truly make up our lives.

We can be disappointed by not accomplishing our goals OR we can focus on what we really experienced and the reality of the joy of our lives.

I’m not saying to dismiss goals or plans, ( I still have many) but we need to acknowledge how much emphasis we put on them as far as how it makes you feel and if they are really working for you or against you.

You may feel like a failure if you don’t accomplish your goals, but sometimes where you really fail is recognizing all of the things that happened in the between times. The everyday times.

As many items as I check off my to-do list what really makes up my life are the spaces between the things on my list.

More ta-das than to-dos

This is my new favorite quote.

Our lives are more than to do lists or goals to be checked off of a list. It is messy and unclear and basically whatever we want it to be. My hope for you is to have fun with it. Have fun moments, filled with laughter, feelings, friends, love, wonder, enchantment. Finding the magic within everyday.

Sounds good, right? How do we do that?

Guiding light

Sometimes it’s not a specific goal, but a feeling that can guide you. A check-in with yourself that can bring you a sense of accomplisment vs. checking off a list. Like recognizing the moments that give you energy; how you feel at the end of the day. What made you feel proud? Happy? Satisfied? Connected? Seek more of that.

Instead of things to check off my list, here are some reminders I tell myself , mantra-like statements that bring me back to what’s important in case I find my distracted.

Here are a few “Guiding Lights’ I’m following this year;

1.Not making myself feel bad about the things I do or don’t do.

2. Life is better when I don’t over think it.

3. It either happens or it doesn’t and then we move on.

When faced with tough situations or times when I find myself dwelling on my purpose or comparing myself with others, or when I’m stressed, scared, anxious, etc. (fill in the blank) I can use any of these 3 guiding lights and instantly feel better, centered, assurred, focused.

Hanging in there

Thanks for hanging in here with me… I hope your new year is going well and you are enjoying all of the wonderful moments life is bringing to you. Keep your energy positive and good things will find you.

What are your favorite mantras or “Guiding Lights”? I’d love to hear about them, please leave a comment below

Much Love,



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