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Long lost friend

Happy belated birthday to my blog!

I started writing here 2 years ago now ( 11/11/17), went strong with it the first year but have been very lackadaisical about it this year ( only 1 post), hopefully that’s about to change…


I get easily distracted-
I want to do it all. Sometimes all means trying everything like entering art contests and singing at the Farmers market and exploring around town with my family and friends.

Sometimes all means getting lost in a book or 100, ha! And of course the rabbit hole of the internet.

I have too many ideas– I currently have over 10 drafts of 2 paragraphs or so of topics to share here. I get going and then want to write about something else. SO many topics, So little time…

Everyday life- you know the saying life gets in the way while we’re busy making other plans…

There’s a lot of excuses. A lot of coulda, shoulda, woulda etc. But that’s okay. I’m picking it up right here…

…Right here where we left off…

It’s like seeing a good friend that you haven’t seen for years. Oh, you may keep in touch with the occasional text or post on Facebook, but when you see each other in person it’s like you just saw each other, although you might have a few more lines on your face…you and your friend can talk about everything and nothing for hours, living in the present as well as reminising about the past. You can talk seriously and about nonsense and I can guarantee there’s probably a lot of laughter too!

There’s that term, “long lost friend”. But it always seems to me it should be something more like “long found friend” or “friend for life”, “forever friend” ,” never forgotten friend”? You let me know if you come up with something clever here…

This seems especially true of friends you’ve known your whole life. Maybe it’s that the moments you’ve spent together were firsts or milestones or there’s just something about them being part of your childhood that leaves a lasting impression.

Either way, new or old, they are the friends who when you are together time flies by and and you are having such a great time you look up and realize hours have passed. You truly enjoy each other’s company.

You keep in touch throughout the years and Social media has made it easier than ever to ” know” what’s going on with each other, and that’s great, but it’s not quite the same thing as seeing them and being together.

Hearing your friends unique laughter or tone of their voice when they tell you about their latest adventure, nothing beats that.

A hug. That reunion type of hug, where you run up to each other and embrace with a laugh and pat on the back. Even if you aren’t really a hugger, this is the time.

The friends that really know you. Your “first call” friends. I recently learned of this term. It’s the person that when you have news, good or bad, you call first. There’s a certain bond and privilege here. I call it the “3 am call”, the friend you know you could call at 3am and they would answer the phone, or drop anything to take it, help you out, talk you through, listen.

People grow and have experiences that alter their lives but I do believe we are who we are. We may grow up, but you can’t pretend in front of your friend, your true friend.

Way back when…

Isn’t it amazing how you can’t remember a lot of things but you can remember who your best friends were when you were 7-8 years old? And, if you’re in the same age bracket as me, you may even remember their phone number, or where they lived or what you did for their birthday that year…

There were roller skating parties, pizza, cake and sometimes a pin-the-tail-on-the donkey ( or whatever character theme went with your party). Many of us had our parties at home, either in the backyard or the basement depending on the season. We still had goodie bags that were filled with the same types of silly party favors though.

Am I nostalgic about this time because I’m reminded of it as I experience it through my daughter’s eyes? Am I reminiscing because it was such a fond place in time, first and second grade filled with so many new moments?

Maybe all of the above. Either way, I’m thankful to friends past and present who invited me to their parties.

Surround yourself with people who are more excited about your birthday than you are

One of my best friends who is helping me plan my upcoming birthday trip shared with me that she has a count down on her phone that says “Audrey’s Birthday Bash” with the number of days left. I’m flattered. It’s fun to have people who are just as excited to share in this moment.

It’s said that it’s almost as important to have something to look forward to as the actual experience of that moment and I couldn’t agree more.

If it wasn’t for my friend and my sister in law, not only planning but also “planting this seed” I wouldn’t even be going on this trip. It’s good for me to have people in my life who ask me what I want to do, especially for my birthday.

Are you a birthday person too? I am a birthday person. I love to celebrate my own and others too. To celebrate life and acknowledge the importance of a person’s life, there’s nothing better.

Birthdays are a true new year. My birthday is in December and people always ask if I’m bummed out that it’s around the holidays, no way! With it being a few weeks in front of the New Year, I feel like I get a jump on things.

I’m thankful for another year and thankful for those of you who are still here, we made it!

What are you doing with this one precious life?

And so I’m reminiscing here and also looking ahead, and as I’m presently writing this, I’m thinking “what are my new years goals, especially in regards for this blog?”

My overall goal, my “why” in almost everything I do is to make people feel good about themselves because it makes me feel good about myself.

I enjoy writing, it’s a chance to explore and share ideas. I want to motivate myself and others. In using this platform to share the power of love and kindness and compassion.

I’m the kind of writer who re reads everything I write, like a million times, tweaking and editing, feeling good about what I’ve written and more importantly feeling good that I’ve shared it to help others feel good too.

We lift up ourselves by lifting up others

It’s exciting to see where we will go, and who we will meet along the way.

Never think you don’t leave an impression though…

Your friend from way back when remembers you. There is probably a photo ( maybe a Polaroid) of you and your friends floating around somewhere. Perhaps you even have a party hat on?

Dig out those photos, revisit those memories, reconnect with someone, find people to celebrate with.

I wish you a happy birthday this year!

Much love and gratitude,


P.S. And a final note on good friends and birthdays; my dearest, long time friend ( we met when we were 3 years old) is celebrating her birthday today! Happy birthday to one of the original “Girly Girls” and one of my favorites! LYLAS

P.P.S. What would you like to hear about here? My current goal is to publish all of my 10 drafts before the new year… Let me know what you think. Thanks!