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Hope is the thing…

During my morning meditation ( which is happening more frequently now), the focus was on hope. Yes, it was part guided meditation , but during the part where you sit quietly with only music in the background I received a message…

The message said “Hope is the seed”. Nuture it. Help it grow, cultivate it. Let hope guide you away from fear and closer to your purpose.

Hope is the seed

This is what happens when your mind gets clear. You can filter out all of the “noise” and listen. What is the message you are receiving?

We have a choice on what we feed our brains. It’s important to stay informed and it’s important to consider your well being based on how that information affects you.

I can only take in so much news. It really takes its toll on me, especially right now with SO many opinions, tragedy and rapidly changing information. Meditation has been helping me mentally and emotionally. Please give it a try. Now is a better time than any….

What is something that you’ve done recently to help you cope both mentally and emotionally? I’d love to hear about it…

Be well, Audrey


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