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A-Z say nice things about me

This is a long time coming. I was tagged by my best blogging friend, Tiara from Muted Mouthful. The opportunity here is to take the power of words (ABC's) and say something nice about myself. Here goes... ABC A: Ambitious B: Beautiful C: Creative D: Delightful E: Enthusiastic F: Friendly G: Gracious H: Honest I:… Continue reading A-Z say nice things about me

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Matchy matchy

Quickie here... What am I doing when I'm not writing? Usually reading... more often than not you can find me in a regency romance somewhere in the late 1800's England... today's book just happens to match my nails too. So far I'm really enjoying it! Hopefully you have something you enjoy doing too! It's been… Continue reading Matchy matchy